Fee Schedule

Share Account Fees

Membership Fee (one time):     $5.00

Business Account Fee (one time):     $10.00

Account Closure Fee (if account is closed within 90 days of opening):     $25.00

Money Market Savings Account (excessive withdrawal fee):     $5.00 per withdrawal after three withdrawals per month


Share Draft Account Fees

Free-No Service Charge

Business Service Fee:     $10.00

Savings Transfer for Overdraft Check Clearing:     $0.50

Non-Sufficient Funds (check or ACH):     $30.00

Stop Payment Fee (check or ACH; 6 months or until cancelled):     $30.00

Temporary Checks (8 checks):     $3.50

Check Copy Fee:     $3.50

Debit Card Replacement Fee:     $15.00


Other Services Fees

Incoming Wire Transfer Fee:     $12.00

Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee:     $15.00

Deposited Item Returned:     $35.00

Dormant Accounts (per quarter):     $25.00

Bad Address (per quarter):     $5.00

Account Reconciliation (per hour; minimum $30.00):     $30.00

Statement Printout (per month):     $1.00

Statement Copy (per month):     $3.00

Research (per hour; minimum $30.00):     $30.00

Item Sent for Collection:     $25.00

Credit Card Replacement Fee:     $15.00

Mortgage Payoff Request:     $35.00

1st Mortgage Application Fee:     $500.00

2nd Mortgage Application Fee:     $500.00

Subordination Agreement:     $50.00

Tax Levy/Garnishment:     $25.00

Check Cashing Fee (if less than $50 maintained in accounts and no other services are being used):     $5.00 per check




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