Share Savings

When it comes to Credit Unions, we have members not customers.  We are owned by the membership.  That’s right, you get to own a share of the Credit Union.  Share Savings is the way you do that.  By owning your “share” you are entitled to vote for our Board of Directors and, by voting, you have a say in the way your Credit Union is run.  Where else can you find that kind of influence and earn interest?

By maintaining your $25 minimum balance you are entitled to all of the benefits offered by the Credit Union.

Do you find yourself putting all of your holiday shopping on credit cards?  If so, you might want to look into our Holiday Savings Club.  Make an initial deposit of $5 to start and then you decide how much you would like to deposit during the year and near the end of October we will automatically deposit the money into your checking account or send you a check in the mail.  It’s that easy!

Are you looking to save for a vacation?  Want to keep money aside for life’s little emergencies?  Well, we have a savings account for you!  Make an initial deposit of $5 to start and then you decide how much to contribute to the account.

Share Savings Rates

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